Advanced Creative Technology | About Us


Advanced Creative Technology (ACT) is a one stop security &
AI surveillance provider in Malaysia.
We have gained vast experience through working with our clients in providing them with our expertise and services, and are proud to share our goals in the area of security surveillance solutions that are aligned with our clients – to provide quality, on time support and effective services!
With a proven track record and ever growing list of satisfied and protected clients, ACT is synonymous with Complete Security & Surveillance Solution.
On top of that, we are well-known for delivering brilliant Building & Commercial AI Solution and Intelligence Videos & Data Analytics by tailoring with client preferences. Our diverse client portfolio of major clients, international hotels, manufacturing factories, chain stores, construction sites, government segment, education academy, automotive industry, corporate business, and banks.


Here’s why 1600+ clients trust ACT

TRUST - ACT was established in 2007, with more than 14 years of experience. Over the years, we have worked with thousands of clients from diverse industries.

KNOW-HOW - We collect on-site data, analyse and determine the level of risks of your installations and prioritize recommended improvement works.We have perfected systems that ensure timely delivery, flawless communication and adherence to quality control.

COMMITMENT - We strive to serve our customers diligently, responsibly and swiftly in all their security & surveillance matters.