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How to improve Indoor Air Quality and to automate Disinfection?

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has amply demonstrated that we are vulnerable and that the scope of our control is limited. It took mere months to disrupt social and economic systems that have been built over decades, altering humanity’s way of life and leading us to rethink how we live our lives. The new normal will be volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). Society and industries are looking for solutions to enhance safety, security, wellness leading to business continuity in the new normal.


Pandemic teaches us that virus needs a “host” to multiply and spread. Due to its microscopic size; aerosol and indirect contact transmissions in indoor spaces need to be mitigated with regular disinfection to protect our workforce wellness and to prevent further spreading.

One approach to automate disinfection is to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with a mechanism that can inhibit pathogens in a sustainable manner with least consumables and no maintenance resulting in lowest disinfection cost disinfection.


Nanoe™X by Panasonic is one such technology that could inhibit pathogens, allergens, hazardous gases, mould, odour and can be proliferated quickly. The following links details how it works, it’s effectives and evidences by 3rd party safety and compliance testing.

Summary of Various Technologies to
Disinfect Air and Surfaces for A Safer Workplace

The 7 Reasons to Use Nanoe™X

Eliminates frequently encountered odours*1-8

Inhibits activity of airborne and adhered bacteria*9-11, as well as viruses*12-14

Inhibits activity of airborne mould*15, and adhered mould*16

Inhibits pet-derived allergens*19, and major allergens*19

Inhibits pollens*20 all year round

Breaks down/inhibits hazardous substances*21 known to be found in PM2.5

Moisturises skin*22-23 and makes hair*24 straighter and sleeker

Summary of Effectiveness on Odor, Adhered Bacteria,
Viruses and Airborne Mold

Recent testing is showing that Nanoe™X can inhibit airborne and adhered coronavirus with high efficacy in just hours. Nanoe™X is being deployed via Air-conditioners, ceiling generator and portable purifiers.



World Deployment

1.0 Malaysia: Parlimen House, KKM in phases, SP Setia, Sunway, Grab, Inari Bhd and more in pipeline
2.0 Worldwide: Japan railways, Automobiles, Hotels, Olympic Village, 7-11, Family Marts

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