Advanced Creative Technology | Thermal & Face Mask Detection

Thermal & Face Mask Detection

VF800 Masked Face Recognition with Thermal Scanner, can identify up to 6000 faces, 6000 fingerprints and 3000 palm templates. Powered by a facial recognition algorithm and streamlined technology that works as a time and attendance terminal, perfect for small or large organisations. The VF800 can measure employees’ temperature and identify their faces safely with their masks on.

 It has an impressive verification speed and intuitive operation process with the capability to communicate via TCP/IP, and USB host, it ensures smooth connection and data transfer.


VF800 can be linked to access control systems and works seamlessly in hospitals, governmental, schools & colleges, factories and offices.

Features of VF800 Masked Face Recognition with Thermal Scanner

Masked Face Recognition

Thermal Sensor

5`` Touch Screen

Recognition Distance : 0.3 - 3m

TCP / IP WiFi Communication

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