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VEE Smart Home

2-Tier HighSkill Security

Stranger Away : One receive mobile notification when stranger get closer to home entrance. Auto trigger loud speaker then Speak Loud remotely.
Thief Away : One receive mobile notification when door is open upon you’re away from home. Auto trigger lights, TV, fan, radio, loud speaker scare away thief.

How It Works

One can voice control to turn on/off the light, TV, or air-cond through VEE powerful smart app.

Through VEE smart app, one may set the lights, TV, air-cond auto turn on when you open the door, or raining trigger.

Fully wireless setup (no hacking wall, same day setup done).

Support offline mode (no internet also workable).

Benefits of VEE Smart Home (HighSkill)

Person Search system is a powerful technology that has a wide range of use cases to effectively augment your security infrastructure and reduce response time for

High Skill R&D team

Life-time Warranty

Reasonable Price

Security Control


Is your VEE Smart Home protected by extended life-time warranty?

Yes, we build High Quality products. Our 1000sqft package protected with ELW (Extended Life-time Warranty) subscription. (free warranty, free service)

How much it takes to build the entire house all-inclusive smart home system?

RM 376 x 13 months installment nett, for 1000sqft, all inclusive.

Is highskill home security control inclusive in the package above?

Yes, security is our main concern, it’s all inclusive. Only home owner can control the home, visitors / strangers / thief are not able to control anything, unless one is authorised by the home owner.

Is highskill home security still operating if electricity down / cut power?

Yes, VEE Home security still operates, detect trespassing and capture photos, even electricity down or cut power by thief. Home appliance (e.g. Light, Aircond) not functioning due to no electricity, but security still operating even electricity down.

Is VEE Smart Home remain operated if internet down?

Yes, VEE Smart Home can operate in OFFLINE mode, no internet required. You can remain control home using mobile app inside the home, but you are not able to control home from outside if no internet.



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